Discounted Business Class Flights on Japan Airlines       

Book business class flights with Japan Airlines through Fly World Class for unprecedented comfort in the skies. Travelers enjoy the hospitable service and delight in the award-winning first class cabins when they buy business class or first class tickets on Japan Airlines. The airline was established in 1951 and is based in Tokyo. Over 52 million passengers are served annually. In addition to lie-flat seating and pampered service in business class and first class, travelers have access to indulgent niceties at airport lounges. Signature Sakura Lounges offer a tranquil, plush, and beautiful setting in which to refresh, pass the time, relax, and enjoy fine dining. There are even entertainment areas that can help keep children occupied while waiting for flights. The lounges provide a serene retreat for passengers, making it possible to make the most of waiting time between flights.

First Class Seats with Award-Winning Japan Airlines  

Travelers who book first class seats with Japan Airlines have numerous luxuries to make their journey a pleasant one from start to finish. Famed chefs prepare abundant seasonal dining options, and Western menus are available to travelers, in addition to Japanese cuisine. Famed chefs prepare the sumptuous meals. After dining, first class tickets with Japan Airlines afford travelers privacy and luxury on plush lie-flat bedding. Privacy partitions ensure increased privacy. Twenty-three-inch LCD screens provide the opportunity to watch movies or television shows, with hundreds of on-demand options.

Suites in First Class on Japan Airlines

The suites for travelers who buy first class flights on japan Airlines offer unrivaled service and luxury. Seclusion is guaranteed, and getting comfortable is not a problem. The lie-flat bedding includes a plush Tempur® mattress and a Symphony pillow. The attendants are ever-gracious and are devoted to providing the ultimate in pampered service.

JAL First Class

Sky Suite in Business Class Flights

Travelers who book business class flights on Japan Airlines enjoy the best business class airline seat, according to Skytrax’s 2013 World Airline Awards. The JAL Sky Suite for business class has been widely commended for the privacy customers are afforded as well as seat width and the fully reclined lie-flat position that the seat unfolds to. The unsurpassed comfort of the fully-flat seats, the privacy, the ample legroom, and Japan Airlines’ (JAL’s) hospitality make business class travel on Japan Airlines an unrivaled experience. Every seat also has unimpeded aisle access, and there are retractable privacy partitions that ensure an uninterrupted flight, for those who need to focus on work or simply unwind.

Cheap Business Class & First Class Flights

Travelers who book first class flights on Japan Airlines have experienced the proof that the airline is devoted to keeping pace with the latest developments in luxury travel. The upgrade in business class flights places Japan Airlines at the front of the competition.

Fly World Class

Book business class and first class flights with Japan Airlines through our travel experts at Fly World Class for a pampered experience beginning at the exclusive airport lounges all the way until you arrive at your destination, relaxed and refreshed.


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