First Class Flights to France

Schedule your cheap business class flights to France with Fly World Class and a luxurious trip to a country with Mediterranean beaches, medieval cities, tranquil villages, iconic historical sites, world-class museums, and so much more.

Flights to Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Paris

Visitors who arrive to France in Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) usually include a trip to the Eiffel Tower during their stay in the capital of France. Wear comfortable shoes because there is a lot to see in world-class Paris. Notre-Dame Cathedral, Musee du Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Versailles Palace are just a few of the iconic landmarks in “The City of Light.” Construction on Notre-Dame Cathedral began in 1163, and it opened in 1365. The historic Catholic cathedral features French Gothic architecture, and few churches in the world are as well known. The Louvre Museum is among the world’s largest museums and is home to the original Mona Lisa as well as Venus de Milo and many more amazing masterpieces. The Palace of Versailles, of French Baroque architecture, is a top tourist attraction that inspires countless tourists to travel to France. Construction of the beautiful chateau began in 1623 and there were several phases of expansion. The Gardens of Versailles are among the finest representations of French garden design.


Cote D’Azur Airport (NCE) in Nice

Book flights to France and Cote D’Azur Airport (NCE) in Nice, for an amazing experience in a vibrant city that is home to the famous French Riviera. Vieille Ville (Old Town) is a major attraction, with a colorful, energetic atmosphere that brings Italy to mind. Experience museums there, including work by Alexis Mossa, 19th-century artist. Promenade des Anglais is the street in Nice that is most emblematic of the city. The seaside pedestrian area is breathtaking and lined with well-tended gardens. Reverend Lewis Way, an Englishman, developed the promenade at his own expense in 1820. Road traffic in the area has been diverted to underground tunnels, making the promenade especially ideal for pedestrians, skaters, and bicyclists.

Marseille Airport (MRS)

Many who travel first class to France schedule their landing at Marseille Airport (MRS), in a port city founded by Phoenicians in 600 B.C.E. A must-see attraction for many visitors is the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, a massive site built on a hilltop from 1853 through 1864. The belfry of the opulent church of Neo-Byzantine-style architecture is crowned with a huge gilded Madonna. The Basilique Saint-Victor, which is dedicated to the martyr Saint Victor, is a church that was once part of a 5th-century abbey. The imposing exterior looks like a medieval fortress. One of the oldest intact buildings in Marseille, it is an attraction that many tourists place at the top of their itineraries.

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