First Class Flights to Tokyo, Japan

Book cheap business class flights to Tokyo with Fly World Class for luxurious travel to Japan. Tokyo virtually pulsates with energy, day and night, and yet still maintains traditional appeal, such as sake and sushi bars and samurai folklore. Whether your flight touches down in Haneda (HND) or Narita (NRT), the two primary airports in Tokyo, you will be refreshed and ready to enjoy the many enticements of Japan’s high-tech capital city. There are countless sights and experiences to enjoy in Tokyo, in addition to those listed below.

The Imperial Palace

For a large number of travelers to Tokyo, the itinerary for the trip includes a visit to the Imperial Palace in the Marunouchi district. The first fortress on the site was built in 1457 by the Feudal Lord Ota Dokan. This was the starting point from which Edo, now modern Tokyo, was gradually built. Be sure to request tickets in advance because the number of visitors at the Imperial Palace is limited. Guided tours are offered in the Japanese language, but audio guides and pamphlets can help those who are English-speaking to enjoy the fascinating details about the palace. Because planning is required to enter the palace, most visitors who travel first class to Tokyo end up primarily enjoying the grounds of the palace, which are lovely. The Nijubashi Bridge is one of the many notable features at this popular tourist site.


Built in Japanese Buddhist architectural style, Sensō-ji has been open for worship since 645, making it Tokyo’s oldest temple. A destination of numerous travelers to Tokyo, the temple was built to honor the goddess of mercy, Kannon. A major tourist spot, the streets leading to the temple are lined with eateries and small shops selling souvenirs, including popular kimonos, fans, Buddhist scrolls, and Godzilla paraphernalia. While the outside may be teeming with tourists, within the temple is a distinctively Japanese contemplative garden.

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For those who travel to Tokyo in at the right time, going to a sumo wrestling match is a recommended destination. Grand tournaments are held three times per year, each a 15-day event; the months are January, May, and September. The National Sumo Hall in Tokyo is Ryogoku Kokugikan. Sumo is Japan’s national sport, and there is no off season. A few interesting facts about sumo wrestling: When entering the ring, the wrestlers do a ritual which can resemble a dance; Japan has a tradition of female sumo; every aspect of a sumo wrestler’s life is dictated by strict rules; the wrestlers are required to live in sumo training stables; traditionally, fans express disappointment at sumo tournaments by throwing cushions.

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