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Book cheap business class flights to Sweden with Fly World Class for a luxurious flight to an incredible destination. Sweden is widely known for being a pristine country, and it has many historic palaces as well as modern, gleaming skyscrapers. Viking history is a pervading presence in Sweden, experienced through both storytelling and seeing historic artifacts. Viking exploits can be explored at the England Runestones, Varangian Runestones, and Greece Runestones. The final expedition of Ingvar the Far-Traveled, which goes to Serkland, is commemorated in the Ingvar Runestones, which are scattered throughout the country. Visiting the runestones is one of the best ways to meet locals, see Sweden, and discover history.


Flights to Sweden via Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport (ARN)

Travelers to Sweden often land at one of the airfields in Stockholm, such as Arlanda Airport (ARN), Bromma Airport (BMA), or Skavsta Airport (NYO). Situated on Lake Malaren, this world-class destination is on 14 petite islands. Visitors love to wander along the narrow cobblestone streets of Stockholm and discover such delights as rust-covered stone and terracotta buildings, distinctive architecture, bohemian-chic galleries, raucous nightclubs, and wonderful restaurants. The city is a distinct blend of local warmth and stark urban modernity.

Vasa Museum is a favorite destination of many who travel first class to Sweden. This maritime museum is truly a one-of-a-kind and ranks as the most visited site in Scandinavia. It houses the only ship salvage from the 17th century that is almost fully intact. The beautiful warship armed with 64 guns was sunk on her maiden voyage in 1628. The largest spherical building in the world is another huge attraction. SkyView provides visitors with a slow ascent to the top of Ericsson Globe.

Flights to Sweden and Gothenburg’s Landvetter Airport (GOT)

Countless world travelers who have purchased first class tickets to Sweden and entered via Landvetter Airport (GOT) have discovered many treasures in the country’s second largest city. The city is cosmopolitan and picturesque, with a lively port and numerous community events throughout the year. Among the cultural delights are the Göteborg International Film Festival, music festivals, and artistic events. Soccer players also participate in the Gothia Cup every year, which is the world’s largest soccer tournament. Volvo and Liseburg are among the world-class institutions in Gothenburg, giving many world travelers reason enough to travel to Sweden. According to Forbes magazine, one of the top ten theme parks in the world is at Gothenburg’s Liseburg. There are roller coasters and other exhilarating rides that earned the park its fame. The Blue Train at Volvo provides visitors with an opportunity to see inner workings of the factory and how the automobiles are manufactured.

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Book your cheap business class flights to Sweden with our travel experts at Fly World Class for a pampered journey to a top destination among world travelers. You will enjoy luxury and comfort, whether you arrive at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport (ARN), Bromma Airport (BMA), or Skavsta Airport (NYO), Gothenburg’s Landvetter Airport (GOT), or one of the other Swedish airfields.


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