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Cheap first class flights to Mumbai transport you in luxury and comfort to India’s largest city. Mumbai was once made up of seven islands but, over the course of centuries, they were united with manmade efforts to form what is now modern Mumbai. The city offers more can’t-miss attractions than can be seen in just a day or two. The following are a few of the many sights, historical buildings, and other adventures to enjoy in the home of Bollywood, the largest film industry in the world.

Mumbai Devi Temple

Mumba Devi Temple, dedicated to the ancient idol of Mumbadevi, is an attraction for many who travel to Mumbai. The ornate temple was first built in 1675 but was destroyed and constructed in the 18th century. The Goddess Mumbadevi is known as the Goddess of Power. Today, the temple is surrounded by flower shops. Tourists from the world over visit the temple to admire its beauty. Many visitors take auto-rickshaws and other take taxis to admire the beautiful temple. Mumbai was named after the Goddess Mumbadevi, which demonstrates how important the shrine has been and still is to many in India.


Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesha Chaturthi is the destination of many who travel to Mumbai. This Ganesha festival is observed by Hindus around the world and it celebrates the birthday of the elephant-headed goddess. The celebration takes place sometime between mid-August to mid-September, which is the Hindu month of Bhadra, and it lasts for ten days.

Gateway of India and the Taj Hotel

The most recognized monument in Mumbai is the Gateway of India. The massive monument is part gateway and part triumphal arch. Just across the street from the Gateway of India is the Taj Hotel, which was built in 1902, at the departure of the British.


One of the most exciting plans that many have who arrive to the city is a visit to Bollywood. The Hindi film industry produces about twice the number of movies Hollywood releases every year. Bollywood is to India what Hollywood is to the U.S., and full-day tours of the movie scene in India are available. A visit includes entrance to a movie studio created especially for tours, a dance show, a meal, and a drink. Bollywood dances are energetic, unique, and very popular.

National Parks and Caves

Within Mumbai is a national park, and many who travel first class to Mumbai visit the park to visit ancient Buddhist caves. There are 109 altogether, and they were all hand carved into volcanic rock. Some of the caves date as far back as the first century BCE. These caves are unadorned and spartan. Elephanta Caves, also in Mumbai, by contrast, display elegant splendor. Until 1534, when Portuguese rule began, the primary cave or Cave 1 was a place of worship. The caves were badly damaged around that time but later renovated in the 1970s.

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