Business Class Flights to Berlin, Germany

Business class flights to Berlin booked by Fly World Class transport you in comfort and style to the capital of Germany. A relaxing flight is important, with all of the enchantment to be experienced in Berlin. Between the noteworthy architecture, the memorials, the rich history, and the exciting entertainment venues, there is much to look forward to on your visit.


History and Architecture

What usually captures the imagination of visitors is the history behind the Berlin Wall, which divided the city from 1961 to 1989. Built to cut off West Berlin completely from surrounding East Germany and East Berlin, it included guard towers along the large concrete walls. The purpose of the wall was to prevent massive defection and emigration. In November of 1989, the wall was opened. Official demolition began on June 13, 1990. The history of now-unified Berlin is told in large part through buildings. Brandenburg Gate, for example, is an iconic symbol of reunification and victory. The Reichstag building features walkways all around a glass-enclosed dome, and it is the site where German reunification was proclaimed in 1990. You can also tour Berliner Dom, a favorite attraction known for three domes and an eye-pleasing mix of Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance styles.

Can’t-Miss Museums

A visit to numerous museums is recommended for the itineraries of all visitors arriving to Berlin. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe provides an in-depth exploration of Nazi concentration camps. Experience life in East Berlin during the Communist reign at the world-renowned Stasi Museum. For anyone interested in more ancient history, Byzantine and Egyptian artifacts can be viewed at other museums, such as the Pergamon, Bode, and Neues museums. Prehistoric finds, fine German artwork, and brilliant sculptures are also featured in museums throughout Berlin. No one who arrives to Berlin should miss Museum Island, which is situated on the Spree River in Berlin’s central Mitte district. Museum Island houses five museums of international significance, including the Altes Museum, the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum, and the Pergamon Museum, the final museum added to the complex, which was constructed in 1930. The Pergamon contains numerous reconstructed buildings, such as the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. The Neues Museum was first completed in 1859 but was destroyed during World War II. It was rebuilt and re-opened in 2009.

More Top Berlin Attractions

There is a lot of excitement to be experienced in Berlin. Book flights to Berlin with Fly World Class to ensure a refreshing journey that leaves you feeling ready to experience an unforgettable city. Go shopping, visit peaceful parks and compelling zoos. The night life in Berlin is also exhilarating.

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