First Class Flights to Japan

To be sure your first class flights to Japan are comfortable and luxurious, book with Fly World Class. There are many airports you might land in and many cities that are favorites among world travelers. The country has a strong spirit and an irresistible mix of the traditional with the modern. There are wonderful destinations and culturally rich experiences to be had throughout Japan, including in Tokyo, Kobe, and Kyoto. Waterfalls, tea houses, and delectable cuisine are just a few of the many features enjoyed in Japan.There are many monuments, memorials, and sites that commemorate the lives lost when atomic bombs were dropped during World War II. One of those memorials is Peace Memorial Park.

Flights to Japan and Tokyo Airport (TYO)18750480782_308bf4735a_z

Many travelers to Japan touch down in one of the airports in Tokyo, whether Tokyo Airport (TYO), Haneda Airport (HND), or Narita Airport (NRT). Tokyo is a vibrant city day and night and offers many traditional experiences, including sushi bars and sake. Japan’s hot spot for technology, Tokyo also has many incredible historic sites that are thrilling for locals and tourists alike. Sensō-ji, for example, is the oldest temple in Tokyo. The Japanese Buddhist temple has been a place of worship since 645. A Japanese contemplative garden is one of the features within the landmark site. The ultimate tourist experience is right outside the temple doors. The streets which lead to Sensō-ji are jammed with small shops offering enticing souvenirs, such as Buddhist scrolls, Godzilla-themed treasures, kimonos, and more.

Flights to Japan at Kyoto Airport (UKY)

To the southwest of Tokyo is Kyoto, the destination of many who book first class to Japan. The Kyoto Airport (UKY) is a gateway to a popular tourist destination replete with picturesque displays of cherry and plumb blossoms. The city is home to 14 World Heritage Sites, including Kinkaku-ji, a renowned Zen Buddhist Temple. The architectural marvel has pure gold leaf covering its top two tiers, hence the nickname the Golden Pavilion.

Flights to Japan and Kobe Airport (UKB)

Many visitors who travel first class to Japan arrive at Kobe Airport (UKB) with plans to go hiking and sightseeing at Mount Rokkō. Meriken Park is a popular park on the waterfront in Kobe. Featured at the park is a memorial to the Great Hanshin earthquake victims, Kobe Maritime Museum, and Kobe Port Tower. Of interest to many who fly on cheap business class to Japan is the Kobe Mosque, the first mosque in Japan. Founded in 1935, the mosque is famous for withstanding damage during both a nearby atomic bomb and a massive earthquake.

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