Business Class Flights to Qatar           

The vast majority of travelers who book cheap business class flights to Qatar arrive at Doha Airport (DOH). Qatar is the richest nation in the world, in terms of per capita income, and has become one of the fastest growing economies on the planet, as well. The remarkable ultra-modern skyline of Qatar gleams with modern skyscrapers in a wide variety of stunning shapes. Approximately 14% of the households in the nation house millionaires. Qatar is a peninsular Arab nation with such features as an arid desert, dunes, beaches, and a lengthy Persian Gulf shoreline. Summers can be especially brutal in Doha, the nation’s capital. Winters are much better for those who enjoy camping or barbequing at the beach.

Flights to Qatar and Doha Airport (DOH)

Many visitors to Qatar land at Doha Airport (DOH) and visit the capital city. There are many wonderful attractions in Doha, including the Doha Corniche. This waterfront promenade on Doha Bay runs parallel to a main thoroughfare, Corniche Street. This popular jogging path has the Museum of Islamic Arts near one end and the Sheraton Park at the other. Along the way are many popular landmarks.


The Pearl-Qatar in Doha, Qatar

The destination of many people who travel first class to Qatar and Doha Airport is the remarkable Pearl-Qatar. This artificial island is an amazing architectural project. The site was named for the fact that it is situated on a major pearl diving site. When all stages of construction of the island are complete, Pearl-Qatar will look much like a string of pearls. Initially, it was believed the cost of the artificial island would be approximately $2.5 billion. As it turns out, final cost appears that it will be more like $15 billion. Qanat Quartier is a Venice-like community, with pedestrian-friendly plazas and squares and with an extensive canal system. There are many commercial attractions at the Pearl-Qatar that make it the ultimate destination of many visitors on business class flights to Qatar.

Souq Waqif

After arriving to Qatar at Doha Airport, a favorite destination for many travelers is Souq Waqif, an open-air marketplace. There are narrow alleyways in this 20th-century site, and they perfectly accommodate numerous sellers of such items as handcrafts, traditional garments, spices, and souvenirs. An indoor theater that seats almost 1,000 people, the Al Rayyan Theatre, is one of the many features at this popular site. The Art Centre is also a favorite and displays such artistic exhibits as chests with turtle shell inlay and sculptures.

Barzan Towers

More than a few world travelers to Qatar visit Barzan Towers in Umm Salal Mohammed, near Doha. Constructed of coral rock and limestone in the 19th century, the watchtowers are also known as the Umm Salal Mohammed Fort Towers.

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