Business Class Flights to Cape Town, South Africa

For pampered first class flights to Cape Town, book your airfare tickets with Fly World Class. You will appreciate having had a restful flight, with all of the history and places of interest in South Africa. In addition to the favorite attractions below, visitors delight in experiencing the allure of the famous Victoria & Albert Waterfront, aquariums, shops, boardwalks, and much more in the beautiful city.

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When visitors arrive to Cape Town, flat-topped Table Mountain can be seen overlooking the city. The mountain is a major tourist attraction, many riding the cableway to the top and many hiking to the flat peak. The mountain is part of Table Mountain National Park. There have been several upgrades to the cable cars that carry people up the mountain. Currently, “Rotair” cars can carry 65 passengers each, whereas former cable cars could only transport 25. The cars now run on a double cable, which makes for a smoother, faster ride. The double-cable system is especially beneficial to keep the cars stable in high winds. The floors of the car rotate 360 degrees during ascent and descent, which gives all passengers a panoramic view.

Robben Island Museum

For many world travelers, the first stop is the Nelson Mandela Gateway ferry terminal located in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and then on to Robben Island Prison Museum. The prison has become a symbol of self-sacrifice, human rights, and justice and is closely associated with renowned Nelson Mandela. Mandela attempted to overthrow the pro-apartheid government, which landed him in jail for 27 years, beginning in 1962. He was the first black President of South Africa, serving a term from 1994 through 1999. Travel insiders recommend taking the 3.5-hour Robben Island Tour, which is inclusive of the ferry ride. The tour also includes a visit to the island’s maximum security prison. There is an opportunity to interact with a former political prisoner, usually one who has had a personal experience in the prison, and to take a 45-minute bus ride around the island, which includes helpful commentary.

Castle of Good Hope

A sprawling 17th-century colonial castle, the Castle of Good Hope is one of the top destinations for visitors who take travel to Cape Town. Construction having been completed in 1679, the castle is South Africa’s oldest building and was once a military fort. The original entrance to the fort had to be changed because the shoreline changed and waves were pounding the door. The museum housed in the Castle of Good Hope provides what is considered the best glance of the tastes and lifestyles of Cape colony’s earliest settlers. The castle is easy to access, being located in city center near rail and bus stations.

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