Business Class Flights to New Zealand

Book cheap business class flights to New Zealand with Fly World Class for the ultimate in luxury. New Zealand is comprised of two main islands plus many smaller islands. The terrain is beautifully diverse. There are tropical beaches and permanent glaciers alike. Thrill-seekers are drawn to New Zealand by the droves to participate in such activities as kayaking, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, white water rafting, rappelling, and caving. There are also geothermal geysers and a green crater lake in spectacularly picturesque New Zealand, which is among the least crowded nations on Earth.

Flights to New Zealand via Wellington International Airport (WLG)

Countless visitors who have booked business class flights to New Zealand, landing at Wellington International Airport (WLG) and the capital of New Zealand. Wellington is a 20-minute walk to span the entire downtown area. The space may be small but the adventures to be had are considered grand. Since 1912, the antique Wellington cable car has been transporting visitors to the Kelburn Lookout, which is conveniently located next to the gorgeous Botanic Gardens. This scenic journey is a relaxing way to experience Wellington’s panoramic cityscape. There is a small museum at the Kelburn cable care terminal, and the first cable car ever used on the tracks is on display. The most iconic structure in Wellington is The Beehive, home of the New Zealand parliament. Sir Basil Spence designed the building, which was built from 1964 through 1979 and has a very unique shape that onlookers tend to love or hate. Princess Bay is a sandy cove with rock pools, and it’s a favorite spot among locals for picnicking and swimming in summertime. Many visitors who have traveled to New Zealand have enjoyed the many attractions in Wellington. Some of the most exciting hiking trails in the area are on Matiu Island, located in Wellington Harbour. Previously an internment camp, quarantine station, and military installation, it is now a nature reserve.

Flights to New Zealand via Auckland Airport (AKL)


The destination of many travelers to New Zealand is Auckland Airport (AKL). Auckland is the largest city and is considered a veritable Polynesian paradise. More thrills in nature can be enjoyed in Auckland, home of the legendary Waitomo Caves. An irresistible adventure for many thrill-seekers is found at this unique destination, where rock climbers rappel into a cavern, travel on a zip line through darkness to an underground stream, drop into the stream, and watch glow worms up above before climbing back up to open sky.

Flights to New Zealand via Dunedin International Airport (DUD)

Another favorite destination of world travelers who travel to New Zealand is Dunedin International Airport (DUD). The Scottish heritage is in the South Island of Dunedin. It is an extremely hill city, and it is very small. The steepest residential street on the planet is in Dunedin.

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