Business Class Flights on Korean Air    

Book first class flights with Korean Air through Fly World Class to enjoy world-class travel in luxurious comfort, with lay-flat bedding and much more to make the journey a complete delight. Premium travel service is what customers can count on, whether traveling on a short flight or a lengthy international journey. Korean Air was founded in 1962, and it is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

Korean Air First Class

First Class Flights with Korean Air

When you book first class flights with Korean Air, you can look forward to a pleasant experience from the time you schedule your flight until you arrive at your ultimate destination. Whichever aircraft you travel on, you will fly in luxurious comfort. The various first class options include Kosmo Suites 2.0, Kosmo Suites, Kosmo Sleeper, Sleeper, and Ottoman Sleeper. Kosmo Suites 2.0 offer the ultimate in privacy and consummate high-class service. A sliding door ensures privacy, and technology has been upgraded for these incredible luxury suites. The lie-flat seat is 79 inches long, 2 feet wide, and has an area 83 inches long between seats, which offers both comfort and freedom. Kosmo Suites have been compared to a stay at a five-star hotel. The lie-flat seats are wide and designed to provide the maximum in luxurious comfort, which helps to reduce fatigue that can occur on lengthy flights. You will have your own 23-inch high-resolution LCD screen as well as excellent audio and video-on-demand. Many people who book first class tickets with Korean Air plan to get work done in their Kosmo Suite, knowing the suite will provide both a comfortable work table and privacy.

Cheap First Class Seats on Korean Air

When you book cheap first class seats on Korean Air, you can choose seating in a Kosmo Sleeper, which is ergonomically designed, provides complete privacy, and has luxuriously comfortable lie-flat bedding. Travelers can take advantage of the down time to relax and enjoy entertainment on a 17-inch LCD screen and a great selection of videos on demand. The individual reading lamp, which is fully adjustable and designed to light only the area you select, helps to reduce eye fatigue. Noise isolation headphones are provided, and they also deliver the ultimate in sound quality. If you schedule cheap first class seats on Korean Air and choose the Sleeper, you can enjoy a full flat seat bed as well as a 23-inch private LCD monitor. In addition to the comfort and luxury of your own personal space, you will receive pampered in-flight service.

Prestige Class or Business Class Flights on Korean Air

The business class flights on Korean Air are referred to as “Prestige Class Service,” and the well-appointed lie-flat seating provides comfort that will deliver you to your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Fly World Class

Book first class and business class tickets on Korean Air with our travel experts at Fly World Class to ensure a relaxing and luxuriously pampered flight. However far you travel or whatever your destination, Korean Air will provide a premium travel experience.


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