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Book business class flights on Qantas airlines with Fly World Class for a relaxed journey to your destination. Qantas Airways was founded in Queensland, Australia, in 1920 and is currently the largest airline in Australia. Operations have extended to five continents and more than 140 destinations, and the well-appointed aircraft provide all of the luxuries travelers most desire.

First Class Flights on Qantas Airways

When you book first class flights on Qantas Airways, you can look forward to the ultimate in luxurious travel. Your in-flight comfort will reach a whole new level as you relax on your extra-wide fully flat bed. The Bedding Down service includes a sheepskin mattress, a duvet, and luxurious blankets and pillows. Handy controls on the armrest move the seat, leg rest, and lumbar positioning from a comfortable reading position to a fully flat bed. Your personal in-flight space includes an ottoman, to accommodate a companion inside your suite.

The on board dining on first class flights with Qantas is truly wonderful. The airline offers a unique restaurant-style dining experience. You can choose to try an eight-course tasting menu or make a la carte menu selections, all of which are signature dishes. All meals are designed by an acclaimed chef. At any time during your first class flight on Qantas you can indulge in snacks or light meals. Award-winning wine and champagne are available, to match your dinner order.

The entertainment in first class on Qantas includes a 17-inch touch screen monitor, noise-cancelling headphones, and on-demand controls that allow you to watch the movie or television show of your choice, from the wide selection available. You may also opt to listen to music or play interactive games.

Among the luxurious amenities enjoyed by travelers who book first class flights with Qantas are the amenity kits which offer skincare products, toiletries, and an eye mask. All first-class travelers receive a cotton jersey two-piece charcoal gray sleeper suit made of 100% cotton that includes a black satin ribbon as well as socks and slippers. Upon arrival at your destination, you are among the first to exit the aircraft. In certain ports you will be greeted by the airline’s First Hosts. Your bags will also be among the first ready for collection.

Qantas First Class

Business Class Flights with Qantas and The Qantas Club

One of the benefits you can enjoy when you book business class flights on Qantas is access to the Qantas Club. Before your domestic flight, you can enjoy priority baggage handling, dedicated check-in, and complimentary beverages and food as well as the latest magazines and newspapers. Of course, there is also a strong wireless Internet connection that you can take advantage of. For international journeys, the International Business Lounge can be enjoyed at the main Qantas destinations across the world. The international lounge offers shower facilities, private work areas, sumptuous dining options, and more. There is no better way to enjoy your pre-flight moments and arrival than at the Qantas Club and International Business Lounge.

Fly World Class

Book your first class and business class flights on Qantas with our friendly travel experts at Fly World Class. You will find that it is a pampered experience that leaves you rested and prepared to arrive at your destination.


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