First Class to Amsterdam

For a luxurious start to a European trip, book all first class flights to Amsterdam with Fly World Class. You will be assured a comfortable, relaxing, and restful flight to the Netherlands and the home of the Anne Frank House. There are many beautiful and historic sights to behold in this amazing city as well as an unrivaled European nightlife. Plan to experience the Venetian canals and walk the narrow streets, where you can visit numerous world-renowned museums and observe first-hand displays of pre-war and modern architecture. Approximately 4 million visitors make their way to this city of floating flower markets and iconic windmills every year, many by business class flights to Amsterdam. During the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th-century, Amsterdam was the world’s wealthiest city, and the concise city planning achieved during that era is still impressive and beneficial today. One of the many trademarks of the city is that small amounts of marijuana are available to buy in many coffee shops, as long as the patron is at least 18 years old.

A First Class Flight to Amsterdam and More than 50 Museums

The 50-plus museums in the city are of great interest to many visitors who arrive on business class flights to Amsterdam. The themes of the different museums tell a many-sided story of the past. Of course, the famous Anne Frank House is where teen Anne Frank, her family, and the Van Pels hid from Nazis before finally being discovered and hauled to concentration camps. The diary that Anne Frank wrote has become an important part of world literature and tells a story of hope amidst horror. Tragically, the inspiring girl died a short time before the Nazis were defeated and surviving prisoners in the death camps were released. Countless visitors who board a first class flight to Amsterdam visit Rijksmuseum, which means “The State Museum.” In 1800 the public first had access to the museum’s remarkable collection, which includes masterworks such as “Night Watch” by Rembrandt and paintings by Jan Steen, van Dyck, and Vermeer. The museum is open all 365 days of the year.

Oude Kerk

The oldest building in Amsterdam is Oude Kerk, established in 1213. Through the many generations of its existence, the church has had many renovations. It is a remarkable, imposing structure located in the city’s main red-light district. Oudekerksplein is the square that surrounds the church. Highlights of the church are numerous, including gorgeous stained glass windows, and four pipe organs. The “Miracle of Amsterdam” is an event celebrated in Oude Kerk by Catholics mid-March of every year, many of whom take business class to Amsterdam. The miracle took place in 1345 and involved a dying man regurgitating the Host during communion and the Host not burning after be威而鋼
ing thrown into a fire. It was placed in a chest at Oude Kerk but has been missing since the Reformation.

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